Sale has begun! We invite you to visit our plantation
Post date: 2015-08-17

This year we began taking orders on August 10, which is slightly later than in previous years. During the week of August 10-15 we hosted on our plantation many of our regular and several new customers and we have collected extremely many orders. Everyone agreed that our Christmas tree are particularly beautiful this year and the price offer is extremely attractive! We have already marked 70% of the trees, and so easy to recognize Christmas tree qualified for individual classes.

To all those who did not have time yet to visit us we remind that until September 15 the special offer is valid!

We invite you to visit the plantation and to place orders. We will be at your disposal on our plantation in SLONINO near Koszalin.

For detailed information about the offer we invite HERE.

To order click HERE!

Winter and spring are gone already!
Post date: 2015-06-13

Wonderful weather conditions like mild winter and a fairly late spring and a very intense treatments will bring to us that this year our Christmas trees will be even prettier than in previous years. Treatments of forming and spring fertilization have ended in April. We are finishing the last set of treatments now working on a slow and stable growth of the trees' tops.
For 2015 sales we have decided to keep a permanent division in four of our quality classes. This helps considerably more precise than in 2- and 3-class offers, matching the needs of a particular customer. We are delighted that accordingly to the opinion of our customers from the last season, our customers received exactly what expected.
We are happy to announce that for the current season we will have in our offer a lot of new products: the new sizes for fir and blue spruce in pots. We kindly invite all customers to visit our plantation. The best time will be between 10-th and 15-th August.

The Christmas trees for the German radio station ARD
Post date: 2015-01-20

At the end of 2014 we had the pleasure to talk to opinion leaders, German ARD radio about why you should buy Polish Christmas tree. We believe that this conversation will contribute to even greater increase in the confidence of our customers for quality trees from the plantation Perfect Green.
You can listen to the entire interview HERE .

Sale continues! Orders just from 300 pieces!
Post date: 2014-10-26

This year’s season is really exceptional as we are responding to individual needs of our customers and accept orders just from 300 trees!

This is the last call for the purchase of 1st and 2nd class trees, because we will soon run out of the trees.

A large selection of 3rd and 4th class trees is still available in our stock. It is particularly worth consideration as this year we have tightened the selection procedures which means their higher quality.

Especially 3rd class trees make the offer attractive which will definitely enrich our partners’ offer with firs delighting those customers that dream of classic-looking Christmas trees "straight from the forest."

However, 4th class trees will be a perfect choice for the price-conscious customers who focus on price. The imperfections of trees are compensated by a fabulous price of 6 € / piece.

For detailed information we invite HERE.

To order click HERE!

We invite you to look at our work schedule for season 2014:

  • On Monday, 27th October we start digging firs to put them into plant pots. This way we ensure that the Christmas trees will remain fresh till early spring.
  • After 12th November we will start cutting large trees for foreign customers.
  • In the period between 20-24th November the first overseas deliveries will be performed, according to the orders received.
  • Around November 20-th we start felling of trees for Polish customers – firs wil be prepared and packaged on an ongoing basis in order to ensure the shipment within 2 days maximum.
  • Between 11-th and 15-th December we plan to complete the shipment of Christmas trees and close the plantation.
We have introduced a new quality class - special offer
Post date: 2014-09-30

This year’s Christmas trees sale in the whole Europe passes relatively slower than in the previous years. This is due to the last year’s season, which was not fully successful for some of the retailers. As a result of that, we can observe an anticipation for a price drop, nonetheless, the price drop does not occur.

However seeing the market trends we have adjusted to our customers’ needs. So far we have sold 75% of the available for the current season volume. Nordmann fir class PRIMA is contracted in 90%, while a fine variety of Christmas trees of Class II, Class III and new Class IV "supermarket" are remained for sale. By launching an additional class "supermarket", we have now in our offer Christmas trees (the height 190-300cm) in a discounted price 6,00 € each. More importantly Christmas trees of Class II and Class III were subjected to even more strict evaluation and classification, allowing going ahead of Danish and German standards. Our “supermarket” class, corresponds to the quality offered by the competition what is often being called as "special selection", "classic" or "un-classified", depending on the supplier.

We have completed the classification and labeling. All our customers are to receive contracted Christmas trees according to the same classification, regardless of the moment of order.