Post date: 2022-02-26

In the face of the bandit attack of Russia and Belarus on Ukraine, we are wholeheartedly with our dear friends from Ukraine; both with clients and employees. Persevere in your fight against lawlessness and barbarism in the name and in the interest of the entire civilized world! Unfortunately, we inform our valued customers from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus that we are forced to suspend accepting export orders from you this year for our Christmas trees. Such a restriction does not in any way apply to our clients from other countries to the east of our borders: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Georgia and, of course, from Ukraine. Our goal is to provide the joy of experiencing Christmas and New Year to all our clients, regardless of where they live, but as honest private owners of our small business, we do not intend to pretend that nothing happened. We believe that there are values ​​that are more valuable than money, and we do not accept the bandit actions of Messrs Putin and Lukashenka. From a business point of view, we do not want to accept the risks associated with purely political events. We hope that after the influence of political reasons ceases and the bandits are sent back to their place, our cooperation with clients from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus will be restored.

Perfect Green Closer to Nature
Post date: 2019-06-28
Perfect Green Closer to Nature

We train, watch the best and introduce the best practices. The cooperation we have undertaken with the best plantations in Europe and the numerous visits and trainings in which we participated as part of the European Association of Christmas Tree Growers have resulted in the fact that we systematically change our production methods and we are even closer to nature. We have created a biodiverse and sustainable ecosystem on the plantation. More species of plants grow on the mowed paths and in a few groves than in the surrounding forests. This year, we practically eliminated the use of pesticides. We mow the weeds systematically. It is admittedly much more labor-intensive, but what is not done for health and improvement of the environment ... On the part of the plantation intended for autumn plantings, there are vegetables planted for our own use, and we collect honey from the hives placed between the trees. We care for our common planet as well as for the health of our clients. You can read more at: .


We compete, but also cooperate - visit of the best Christmas tree growers from all over Europe
Post date: 2018-06-27
We compete, but also cooperate - visit of the best Christmas tree growers from all over Europe

Even in a traditional business like ours, the world is changing. At Perfect Green, we know it very well, which is why we constantly work and improve ourselves so that our Christmas trees set quality standards.

In cooperation with the Polish Association of Christmas Tree Growers and the European Association of Christmas Tree Growers, on June 19, 2018, we hosted a group of over 50 best Christmas tree growers from 10 European countries and the USA at our plantation. We are proud that our plantation has received very high ratings, and guests from abroad have seen for themselves that Polish plantations compete with the best not only in terms of price, but above all in terms of quality.

At the same time, we hosted a group of over a dozen growers from Poland as well as companies producing and supplying specialist equipment. Such cooperation will bear fruit for our clients this season.

Sale has begun! We invite you to visit our plantation
Post date: 2015-08-17

This year we began taking orders on August 10, which is slightly later than in previous years. During the week of August 10-15 we hosted on our plantation many of our regular and several new customers and we have collected extremely many orders. Everyone agreed that our Christmas tree are particularly beautiful this year and the price offer is extremely attractive! We have already marked 70% of the trees, and so easy to recognize Christmas tree qualified for individual classes.

To all those who did not have time yet to visit us we remind that until September 15 the special offer is valid!

We invite you to visit the plantation and to place orders. We will be at your disposal on our plantation in SLONINO near Koszalin.

For detailed information about the offer we invite HERE.

To order click HERE!

Winter and spring are gone already!
Post date: 2015-06-13

Wonderful weather conditions like mild winter and a fairly late spring and a very intense treatments will bring to us that this year our Christmas trees will be even prettier than in previous years. Treatments of forming and spring fertilization have ended in April. We are finishing the last set of treatments now working on a slow and stable growth of the trees' tops.
For 2015 sales we have decided to keep a permanent division in four of our quality classes. This helps considerably more precise than in 2- and 3-class offers, matching the needs of a particular customer. We are delighted that accordingly to the opinion of our customers from the last season, our customers received exactly what expected.
We are happy to announce that for the current season we will have in our offer a lot of new products: the new sizes for fir and blue spruce in pots. We kindly invite all customers to visit our plantation. The best time will be between 10-th and 15-th August.