We offer you the highest quality, carefully selected live Christmas trees of the genus Abies Nordmanniana (Nordmann fir) in sizes from 80 to 400 cm in five carefully selected quality classes, Blue spruce in two quality classes and Norway spruce, all grown at our own plantation. We provide transportation of purchased trees to most European countries. We owe the trust of many customers in Poland and other European countries to our exceptional care for the quality, a rigorous quality system and perfect work organization. With our 2 premium classes and "standard" class we cater to the most demanding European customers and with another 2 economy classes we cater to the less picky and more price-conscious customers.

We offer the following range of Christmas trees:

Nordmann Fir PRIMA

Class PRIMA Nordmann fir trees are characterised by following criteria:

  • Nice, slim, harmonious shape and healthy look,
  • Dense foliage and intense dark-green colour of needles,
  • Whorls contain at least 4 and even better 5 symmetrically arranged branches,
  • Distance between whorls and length of the top shouldn't exceed 40 cm,
  • Lack of damages and signs of past diseases,
  • Straight trunk and natural, healthy, straight top.

Some PRIMA class trees might slightly deviate from these strict criteria if they appear healthy and particularly attractive.

Nordmann Fir EXTRA

Class EXTRA Nordmann firs are very nice natural Christmas trees. They are less dense and less symetrical than PRIMA, but they still have a harmonious shape and attractive appearance. They may have one serious, or up to 3 moderate 'defects' and imperfections among the features listed in PRIMA class description. They respond to "1 class" fir trees from other reputable suppliers.

Nordmann Fir STANDARD

Class STANDARD Nordmann firs are typical natural Christmas trees. They are healthy and proportionate, but they can look better from one side than the other and are less dense than the EXTRA. They can also have up to 3 visible defects. Good value for a reasonable price. It is the most common class in the trade and gives traders the best earning.

Nordmann Fir ECONOMY

Class ECONOMY Nordmann firs look like from the forest. They can be slim, unbalanced, and look better from one side than the other. They are more open in construction, less uniform, less dense and might have less intense colour, missing branches and more defects. The best price / quality ratio.

Nordmann Fir MARKET (special offer)

Class MARKET Nordmann firs may be more open in shape, less dense, less shapely, but still enjoying eyes of less demanding and price-conscious customers.



We do not publish standard price list and prices given to other customers. Sending inquiries please let us know the quantity and the assortment concerned. Our prices are not and will not be the lowest, but considering the high quality of offered trees – shall be very competitive.

We offer an attractive discount to all customers who place the order and pay the downpayment before September 15-th.

We include into the prices as standard:

  • Marking the trees with our own standard labels,
  • Cost of all packing materials,
  • For cut trees: cutting, netting and packing into wooden pallets (L x W x H): 270 x 120 x 260 cm,
  • For trees in pots: excavating, basing into the pots and netting,
  • Organization of forwarding and loading onto the truck.

Upon extra paid request we might offer:

  • Marking trees with customer’s labels by our workers,
  • Marking trees by customer,
  • Other than standard packing or quality specification,
  • Delivery to any place within EU.


From June we invite you to contact us and to submit your preliminary orders. After August 5-th we will be accepting orders and signing agreements. After order confirmation, we expect to receive an advanced payment of 30%.

Our offer is directed to the wholesale customers only. The minimum order is 300 trees.

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