Our Nordmann fir plantation was established in 2005 and is one of the largest privately owned in Poland. Located in western part of the seaside in a unique coastal climate zone at SLONINO village and occupies an area of approximately 100 ha. We are placed just 20 km from Koszalin, 150 km from Szczecin, 200 km from Gdansk and Poznan, 300 km from Berlin and 450 km from Warsaw.

We owe the trust of customers in Poland and in many other European countries thanks to exceptional care about the quality of the trees, rigorous 5-class quality system and perfect work organization. Annually and systematically we are enlarging the area and new trees are planted. This is to ensure the full range every year. The highest trees reached already 4 meters (12 feets) in height. Only the best of them get our quality certificate: Perfect Green.

The seeds come from Georgia, are harvested by hand from old selected trees at a height of over 20 meters above the ground. Collected seeds are transported to nurseries in Denmark, where in over 3 years, the seedlings grow out of them. We buy the plants from the best Danish suppliers and plant them on our plantations. During the 8 - 10 years of growing, the trees are subjected to systematic beauty treatments annually, which affects the regularity and slender shape, needle density and thickness and colour of the needles.

During harvesting season we can cut, pack and ship up to 5.000 trees per day. Thanks to the use of dozens of different machines and devices, processes of felling, packaging, loading and shipping of Christmas trees are mechanized and run extremely smoothly. Our trees go to the customers perfectly fresh.