Perfect Green Closer to Nature

We train, watch the best and introduce the best practices. The cooperation we have undertaken with the best plantations in Europe and the numerous visits and trainings in which we participated as part of the European Association of Christmas Tree Growers have resulted in the fact that we systematically change our production methods and we are even closer to nature. We have created a biodiverse and sustainable ecosystem on the plantation. More species of plants grow on the mowed paths and in a few groves than in the surrounding forests. This year, we practically eliminated the use of pesticides. We mow the weeds systematically. It is admittedly much more labor-intensive, but what is not done for health and improvement of the environment ... On the part of the plantation intended for autumn plantings, there are vegetables planted for our own use, and we collect honey from the hives placed between the trees. We care for our common planet as well as for the health of our clients. You can read more at: .